Implementation of Covid-19 Preventive measures at CUE

Over the course of stretch, the covid-19 pandemic has emerged as a significant challenge globally creating disruption around the world. Catholic University in Erbil (CUE), firmly believe human endeavor and insight will surely conquer over this crisis.

In state of this catastrophe, defeating this pandemic is our allied responsibility. The virus does not consider frontiers, customs or folks but we individually respect our health, survival, mankind, nation and the world.

As part of the education providing institutions, we are required to support the global and national organizations viz., WHO (World Health Organization) and KRG (Kurdistan Regional Government), that are reinforcing concern to achieve over this calamity.

The foremost priority lies in the health care and preventive measures like social distancing, increased hygiene, wearing masks and gloves, use of sanitizers at the workplace.

The university maintains its function, and steps forward with the intention of improving the future of the students. Following the guidelines of the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE-KRG), final exams are being conducted online for its students, and many more needful tasks are being undergone.

As a rise in the cases are being observed, it is the responsibility of each individual to protect themselves and the society as well.  Undoubtedly, CUE is in forefront of what it considers to be the right student and employee well-being with highest values. During this period, there doesn’t seem a compromise on health care. Considering the necessity of precautionary measures, every employee has to comply with the principles of safety and enforce measures to prevent Covid-19 which are being flawlessly implemented.