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Date of PublicationResearcherResearch TitleJournal NameIndex
15 Apr 2022Aziz Emmanual Eliya Al-zebari,
Geoffrey Khan
The Development of Interdental Consonants in the Neo-Aramaic of the Aqra RegionAramaic StudiesESCI without IF
March 2022Ali Darabi Bazvand
Students’ experiences of fairness in summative assessment: A study in a higher education contextStudies in Educational EvaluationSSCI with IF
6/17/2021Aziz E. Al-ZebariThe Morphology of Adjectives in the Neo-Aramaic Dialects of AqraAramaic StudiesESCI without IF
19/12/2020Aziz E. Al-Zebari Lexical items relating to material culture in the nena dialects of the Aqra regionStudies In the Grammar and Lexicon of NEO-ARAMAIC