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Date of PublicationResearcherResearch TitleJournal NameIndex
07 November 2022Firas H. AlmukhtarFacial emotion recognition using local monotonic patterns and grey-level co-occurrence matrices images aided the development.Expert Systems SCIE with IF
June 2022Firas Husham AlmukhtarA robust facemask forgery detection system in videoPeriodicals of Engineering and Natural SciencesScopus
July 2022Bilal S. A.Alhayani,    
Nagham Hamid,
Firas Husham Almukhtar,
Omar A.Alkawak, 
Hemant B.Mahajan,
Ameer SardarKwekha-Rashidf
Optimized video internet of things using elliptic curve cryptography-based encryption and decryptionComputers and Electrical Engineering   SCIE with IF
2022Mohammad Gouse Galety        
Shweta Gupta
Artificial Intelligence in the detection of Alzheimer’s DiseasePublished in a book titled: Bio-Inspired Algorithms and Devices for Treatment of Cognitive Diseases Using Future Technologies, Ch.-9, pp 136-155, 2022. ISBN 9781799895343Book Chapter
13 Apr 2022Anthony Jesus Bustamante Suarez,                       
Barjinder Singh,                
Firas Husham Almukhtar,           
Rajnish Kler,
Sonali Vyas,
Karthikeyan Kaliyaperumal
Identifying Smart Strategies for Effective Agriculture Solutions Using Data Mining Techniques  Journal of Food Quality   SCIE with IF
April 2022Mohammed Gouse GaletySocial Network Analysis: Theory and applicationsWileyBook
31/03/2022Fanar Fareed Hanna Rofoo,
Mohammed Gouse Galety,
N. Arulkumar     ,                                                                 Rebaz Maaroof
DPETAs: Detection and Prevention of Evil Twin Attacks on Wi-Fi Networks  ISBN: 978-981-16-9012-9, Sustainable Advanced Computing: Select Proceedings of ICSAC 2021, pp 559–568  Scopus
31/03/2022Barzan Abdulazeez Idrees,
Saad Sulaiman Naif,
Mohammad Gouse Galety,
N. Arulkumar
An Optimized Algorithm for
Selecting Stable Multipath
Routing in MANET Using
Proficient Multipath Routing and
Glowworm Detection Techniques
ISBN: 978-981-16-9012-9, Sustainable Advanced Computing: Select Proceedings of ICSAC 2021, pp 511–523 Scopus
Feb 2022Kathryn Widhiyanti,                      
Kusuma Dewangaa,                          
Firas Amlukhtar
Game Design Factor Questioner User Experience Analysis on Selera Nusantara GameIndonesian Journal of Information Systems (IJIS)DOAJ
January 15, 2022Mohammad Gouse Galety,
Elham Tahsin Yasin
Abdellah Behri Awol,
Lubab Talib
An empirical study on COVID-19 for social contact tracing on a classification perspectiveInternational Journal of Computer Applications in TechnologyESCI, Scopus,
15 Jan 2022Asmita Mahajan,
Nonita Sharma
Firas Husham Almukhtar
Monika Mangla
Krishna Pal Sharma,
Rajneesh Rani
An ensemble approach to forecast COVID-19 incidences using linear and non-linear statistical modelsInternational Journal of Computer Applications in Technology Vol. 66, No. 3-4ESCI, Scopus,
9/29/2021Mohammad Gouse GaletyA Novel Approach for Web Mining Taxonomy for High-Performance ComputingCyber Intelligence and Information Retrieval. Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems, Vol 291. Springer, Singapore.Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems, vol 291. Springer, Singapore.
9/28/2021Mohammad Gouse Galety,
Firas Husham Al-Mukhtar Fanar Rofoo Rebaz Maroof
Deep Neural Network Concepts for Classification using Convolutional Neural Network: A Systematic Review and EvaluationTechnium: Romanian Journal of Applied Sciences and Technology, 3(8), 58–70.Publons
10/4/2021Shahab Wahhab Kareem,
Dina Yousif Mikhail,
Shavan Askar,
Roojwan Sc. Hawezi,
Glena Aziz Qadir
A comparative Evaluation of Swarm Intelligence Algorithm Optimization: A Review.Journal of Electronics, Electro-Medical engineering, and medical informatics. Volume 3., Issue 3, pp. 111-118DOAJ
07.01.2021Mohammad Gouse Galety,
Firas Husham Al-Mukhtar,
Fanar Rofoo,
Chiai Al-Atroshi,
Emilda Josephine
A Cloud-Based AI-Enabled Security and Safety System for Protecting the Vehicle Drivers and Passengers During the JourneyAustralian Patent (Patent No. 2020103911) AU Patent
9/3/2021 OnlineMohammad Gouse Galety,
G. Reshma,
Chiai Al-Atroshi,
Vinay Kumar Nassa,
B.T. Geetha,
Gurram Sunitha,
S. Neelakandan
Deep Learning-Based Skin Lesion Diagnosis Model Using Dermoscopic ImagesIntelligent Automation and Soft Computing (IF=1.647)SCIE with IF
11/10/2021Firas H. Al-Mukhtar,
Bazhdar N. Mohammed,
Raghad Z. Yousif,
Yazen S. Almashhadani
Automatic Classification of Covid-19 Chest X-Ray Images Using Local Binary Pattern and Binary Particle Swarm Optimization for Feature SelectionCihan University-Erbil Scientific JournalDOAJ
7/11/2020Raghad Z. Yousif,
Shakhawan H. Wady,
Harith R. Hasan
A Novel Intelligent System for Brain Tumor Diagnosis Based on a Composite Neutrosophic-Slantlet Transform Domain for Statistical Texture Feature ExtractionHindawi Bio Research International Vol. 2020, Article ID 8125392, 21 pp. (IF=3.411) SCIE with IF
3/1/2020Firas H. Al-Mukhtar,
Sami H. Ismael,
Shahab W. Kareem
Medical Image Classification Using Different Machine Learning AlgorithmsAL-Rafidain Journal of Computer Sciences and Mathematics DOAJ
2019Firas H. Al-Mukhtar,
Mustafa H. Mohammed Alhabib,
Mustafa Zuhaer Nayef Al-Dabagh ,
Hussein Ibrahim Hussein
Exploiting Wavelet Transform, Principal Component Analysis, Support Vector Machine, and K-Nearest Neighbors for Partial Face RecognitionCihan University – Erbil Scientific Journal DOAJ