Department of Information Technology and Computer Science

S.No.ResearcherResearch TitleJournal NameDate of Publication
1Dr. Mohammad Gouse GaletyA Novel Approach for Web Mining Taxonomy for High-Performance ComputingCyber Intelligence and Information Retrieval. Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems, Vol 291. Springer, Singapore.9/29/2021
2Dr.Mohammad Gouse Galety
Dr. Firas Husham Al-Mukhtar
Mr. Fanar Rofoo
Mr. Rebaz Maroof
Deep Neural Network Concepts for Classification using Convolutional Neural Network: A Systematic Review and EvaluationTechnium: Romanian Journal of Applied Sciences and Technology, 3(8), 58–70.9/28/2021
3Dr.Shahab Wahhab Kareem Miss.Dina Yousif Mikhail
Mr. Shavan Askar
Mr. Roojwan Sc. Hawezi
Mr. Glena Aziz Qadir
A comparative Evaluation of Swarm Intelligence Algorithm Optimization: A Review.Journal of Electronics, Electro-Medical engineering, and medical informatics. Volume 3., Issue 3, pp. 111-11810/4/2021
4Dr. Mohammad Gouse Galety
Dr. Firas Husham Al-Mukhtar
Mr. Fanar Rofoo
Mr. Chiai Al-Atroshi
Dr. Emilda Josephine
A Cloud-Based AI-Enabled Security and Safety System for Protecting the Vehicle Drivers and Passengers During the Journey Australian Patent (Patent No. 2020103911)07.01.2021
5Dr. Mohammad Gouse Galety
Mrs. G. Reshma
Mr. Chiai Al-Atroshi
Vinay Kumar Nassa
B.T. Geetha
Gurram Sunitha
S. Neelakandan
Deep Learning-Based Skin Lesion Diagnosis Model Using Dermoscopic ImagesIntelligent Automation & Soft Computing (IF=1.647)9/3/2021 Online
6Dr. Firas H. Al-Mukhtar
Dr. Bazhdar N. Mohammed
Dr. Raghad Z. Yousif
Dr. Yazen S. Almashhadani
Automatic Classification of Covid-19 Chest X-Ray Images Using Local Binary Pattern and Binary Particle Swarm Optimization for Feature SelectionCihan University-Erbil, Scientific Journal11/10/2021
7Dr. Raghad Z. Yousif
Dr. Shakhawan H. Wady
Dr. Harith R. Hasan
A Novel Intelligent System for Brain Tumor Diagnosis Based on a Composite Neutrosophic-Slantlet Transform Domain for Statistical Texture Feature ExtractionHindawi Bio Research International Vol. 2020, Article ID 8125392, 21 pp. (IF=3.411)7/11/2020
8Dr. Firas H. Al-Mukhtar
Dr. Sami H. Ismael
Dr. Shahab W. Kareem
Medical Image Classification Using Different Machine Learning AlgorithmsAL-Rafidain Journal of Computer Sciences and Mathematics3/1/2020
9Dr. Firas H. Al-Mukhtar
Dr. Mustafa H. Mohammed Alhabib
Dr. Mustafa Zuhaer Nayef Al-Dabagh Dr. Hussein Ibrahim Hussein
Exploiting Wavelet Transform, Principal Component Analysis, Support Vector Machine, and K-Nearest Neighbors for Partial Face RecognitionCihan University – Erbil Scientific Journal2019