Department of Civil Engineering

Head of Department: Asst. Professor Dr. Maher Bahnam Alsamaani,


Civil engineering affects many of our daily activities. The buildings we live in and work in, the transportation facilities (Roads, Bridges, railways, airports, etc) we use, the water we drink, the drainage and sewage systems that are necessary to our health and well-being, the hydraulic structures that control the use of the water. These are all concerned with civil engineering.


The Department of Civil Engineering at Catholic University in Erbil is designed to provide the country with distinguished graduates who can design and build a wide variety of engineering projects to improve the existing infrastructures and assess the strength, durability, and serviceability of the existing structures.


The mission of the department of civil engineering is education. We achieve this mission through our teaching, research, and public service activities by:

Educating, inspiring, and mentoring future leaders of our profession and society that are prepared to meet 21st-century challenges.

Performing both applied and theoretical forward-looking research that will positively impact and improve the civil engineering profession and society.

Undergraduate Studies are based on the theoretical part, which is parallel to the practical part through our specific laboratories, teaching videos, and continuous site visits under the supervision of our professors.


The graduates of the Civil Engineering program at Catholic University in Erbil will have the essential theoretical foundation, technical skills, and intellectual tools to start and lead team workgroups in different construction engineering projects. They can find solutions for different engineering problems. Our graduates will achieve success in graduate education and a broad range of career opportunities.

Job Prospects

Civil Engineer is concerned with designing, analyzing, and constructing different types of projects such as high-rise buildings, houses, bridges, roads, sanitary systems, water supply, and hydraulic structures.

Civil Engineer is also concerned with the selection and development of construction materials and technologies through the process of continuous education and scientific research.

The environment is another concern of the Civil Engineer by improving construction materials and methods so that they can be more environmentally friendly technology.

Graduates can find wide job opportunities in public construction projects, engineering offices, private construction projects, engineering offices, and construction materials laboratories and research centers.


Level Semester No. Module Title ECTS
UGI One 1 General English – I 5
2 Academic Debates 4
3 Kurdistan Studies 4
4 Kurdish Language 5
5 Calculus  I 6
6 Engineering Drawing & Descriptive Geometry 6
UGI two 1 Computer skills 5
2 General English – II 5
3 Calculus  II 5
4 Engineering Drawing -AutoCAD 5
5 Engineering Geology 4
6 Engineering Mechanics –II 6
UGI Three 1 Environmental Engineering 4
2 Fluid Mechanics I 4
3 Engineering Surveying I 5
4 Materials and Building Construction 6
5 Strength of Materials I 6
6 Concrete Technology I 5
UGI Four 1 Professional writing 5
2 Fluid Mechanics II 4
3  Engineering Surveying II 5
4 Strength of Materials II 6
5  Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering 5
6 Concrete Technology II 5
UGI Five 1 Numerical and Engineering Analysis 5
2 Theory of structures I 6
3  Reinforced Concrete Design I 6
4 Business Communication 4
5 Geotechnical Engineering I 4
6 Elective 5
UGI Six 1 Construction Management & Economy 4
2 Theory of structures II 6
3 Reinforced Concrete Design II 6
4  Research Methods 5
5 Geotechnical Engineering II 4
6 Water Supply and Sewerage Engineering 5
UGI Seven 1  Highway Engineering 5
2 Computer Methods in Structural Analysis & Design 4
3 Design of Concrete Structures 6
4 Foundation Analysis and Design I 6
5 Construction methods, estimation and specifications 5
6 Elective 4
UGI Eight 1 Traffic Engineering 5
2 Design of Steel Structures 6
3 Foundation Analysis and Design II 5
4 Civil Engineering Drawings 4
5 Graduation project 6
6 Elective 4



  1. The student should complete 4 weeks of Summer Internships to fulfill the Bachelor of Science degree requirements.
  2. The student should start with the graduation project at the beginning of the seventh semester.


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