Department of Civil Engineering

Graduates can find wide job opportunities in public construction projects and engineering offices and in private construction projects and private engineering offices.


The Department of Civil Engineering in Catholic University in Erbil is designed to provide the country with distinguished graduates who can design and build engineering projects to improve the existing infrastructures and rebuild what was damaged through long years of war in the region.


The mission of the department of civil engineering is education. We achieve this mission through our teaching, research, and public service activities by:

Educating, inspiring, and mentoring future leaders of our profession and society that are prepared to meet 21st-century challenges.
Performing forward-looking research both applied and theoretical that will positively impact and improve our profession and society.
Serving as a reliable, highly capable resource for society, the profession, and the university through activities in professional organizations, campus committees, Engineering Consultancy, and continuing education.


The graduates of the Civil Engineering program at Catholic University in Erbil will have the essential theoretical foundation, technical skills, and intellectual tools to start and lead team workgroups in different construction engineering projects. They can find solutions for different engineering problems. Our graduates will achieve success in graduate education and a broad range of career opportunities.

Graduates of Catholic University in Erbil shall be well prepared to design the future of their communities by the development of new technologies, construction of innovative and sustainable infrastructure, the design of engineered systems at the intersection of natural and built environments, and contribute to society through participation in policymaking and governance to develop broadly educated engineering professionals. This goal is accomplished through a four-year academic experience (except the first year of the preparatory stage where students studying only the English language, academic debate/critical thinking, and computer skills/ICDL) involving curricular and co-curricular elements.
To allow students to develop a deeper understanding of both theory and practice of Civil Engineering.

Job Description

Civil Engineer is concerned with the design, analysis, and construction of different types of projects such as high rise buildings, houses, bridges, roads, sanitary systems, water supply, and hydraulic structures ….etc.

The environment is another concern of the Civil Engineer by improving construction materials and methods so that they can be more environmentally friendly technology.
Graduates can find wide job opportunities in public construction projects and engineering offices and in private construction projects and private engineering offices.


Level Semester No. M Code Module Title ECTS
UGI One 1 EN1106 General English – I 5.00
2 IR1104 Academic Debates 4.00
3 IR1105 Kurdistan Studies 4.00
Kurdish Language
4 CCE1101 Calculus  I 5.00
5 CCE1102 Engineering Drawing & Descriptive Geometry 6.00
6 CCE1103 Engineering Mechanics -I 6.00
Semester No. M Code Module Title ECTS
Two 1 IT1206 Computer skills 5.00
2 EN1206 General English – II 5.00
3 CCE1201 Calculus  II 5.00
4 CCE1202 Engineering Drawing -AutoCAD 5.00
5 CCE1203 Engineering Geology 4.00
6 CCE1204 Engineering Mechanics -II 6.00
Level Semester No. M Code Module Title ECTS
UGII Three 1 CCE2301 Environmental Engineering 4.00
2 CCE2302 Fluid Mechanics I 4.00
3 CCE2303  Engineering Surveying I 5.00
4 CCE2304 Materials and Building Construction 6.00
5 CCE2305 Strength of Materials I 6.00
6 CCE2306 Concrete Technology I 5.00
Semester No. M Code Module Title ECTS
Four 1 EN2407 Professional writing 5.00
2 CCE2402 Fluid Mechanics II 4.00
3 CCE2403  Engineering Surveying II 5.00
4 CCE2404 Strength of Materials II 6.00
5 CCE2405  Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering 5.00
6 CCE2406 Concrete Technology II 5.00




M Code

Module Title


UGIII Five 1 CCE3501 Numerical and Engineering Analysis 5.00
2 CCE3502 Theory of structures I 6.00
3 CCE3503  Reinforced Concrete Design I 6.00
4 EN2507 Business Communication 4.00
5 CCE3505 Geotechnical Engineering I 4.00
6 CCE3507 Elective 5.00
Semester No. M Code Module Title ECTS
Six 1 CCE3601 Construction Management & Economy 4.00
2 CCE3602 Theory of structures II 6.00
3 CCE3603 Reinforced Concrete Design II 6.00
4 CCE3604  Research Methods 5.00
5 CCE3605 Geotechnical Engineering II 4.00
6 CCE3606 Water Supply and Sewerage Engineering 5.00
Note 1: The student should complete 4 weeks of Summer Internships to fullfil the requirements of the Bachelor of Science degree
Level Semester No. M Code Module Title ECTS
UGIV seven 1 CCE4701  Highway Engineering 5.00
2 CCE4702 Computer Methods in Structural Analysis & Design 4.00
3 CCE4703 Design of Concrete Structures 6.00
4 CCE4704 Foundation Analysis and Design I 6.00
5 CCE4705 Construction methods, estimation and specifications 5.00
6 CCE4706 Elective 4.00
 Note 2: The student should start with the graduation project with the beginning of the seven semester
Semester No. M Code Module Title ECTS
Eight 1 CCE4801 Traffic Engineering 5.00
2 CCE4802 Design of Steel Structuers 6.00
3 CCE4803 Foundation Analysis and Design II 5.00
4 CCE4804 Civil Engineering Drawings 4.00
5 CCE4805 Graduation project  6.00
6 CCE4806 Elective 4.00