Dr. Thomas Schmidinger from Vienna University Specialized in Political Sciences Visits CUE

Dr. Thomas Schmidinger from Vienna University specialized in Political Sciences received by Assist.Prof.Dr. Riadh Francis, President and Vice-Chancellor of CUE, he was accompanied by Mr. Rafik Hanna, Head of Ankawa Forum for Arts.

Various aspects of Dr. Thomas’s filed of specialization were discussed following a brief by the president of CUE about the mission of CUE stressing on the coexistence and tolerance between all faiths and ethnicities of Iraq. The president of CUE then elaborated on the ambitious plans of CUE to open new departments and collages at CUE. Dr. Thomas expressed his interest and willingness to give presentations at CUE and lectures in the field of political sciences particularly for students of International Relations and Oriental studies students in the next academic year.

The president of CUE thanked Dr. Thomas for his wonderful support for CUE and wished him every success and prosperity.