English Course Completion Ceremony

On Wednesday 29 May 2019, the Life-long learners and CUE students who had joined the English language course announced earlier by the Life-Long Learning Centre successfully completed the course.

An end-of-course celebration was held on the occasion which was attended by the Chancellor of the university Dr. Sabah al-Maleh and the teaching staff at the center: Dr. Gulnara, Dr. Aziz Emmanuel al-Zebari, and Mr. Rawsan Hedo.

At the beginning of the celebration, Dr. Sabah al-Maleh stressed the importance of boosting relations between the CUE and the community at large, both in Ankawa and Erbil, through running various educational and teaching programmes that sever the needs of the community. He expressed the university’s readiness to provide all possible means of helping the community make use of the expertise and potential of the CUE as a non-profit higher education institution.

During the celebration, the participants expressed their joy and happiness for having joined the course which they said was very useful in providing them with the basic skills in second language learning saying they would be happy to joing such courses in the future.

At the end of the celebration both the life-long learners and the CUE students were awarded with graduation certificates.