Finance effect of Genocide

On November 12, 2022, Mr. Farhad Al-Kake conducted a seminar on “Finance Effect of Genocide”, organized by the department of Accounting. During the seminar, Mr. Farhad addressed the various genocides against minorities in the region and throughout history.

He specifically addressed the attack of ISIS on Christian villages in the Nineveh plain. For example, many projects were damaged after 2014. A total of 688 agriculture projects and 836 manufacturing projects were damaged in the occupied regions during the occupation of ISIS to Nineveh plain.

Furthermore, Mr. Farhad explained using estimated costs and data from national banks, the numbers of losses for each category such as projects, displaced families, and destroyed churches. Other items such as jewelry and gold estimated a loss of about $1M while cash was estimated at about $4M. The seminar concluded with a brief explanation of the government’s budget allocation for building churches in the region.