Global Partners for Education

On Tuesday, Nov 16, 2021, At the Catholic University in Erbil a seminar was held by Global Partners for Education (GPE), it was presented by Dr. Lantte Dellinger, Director of GPE from the USA, who visited CUE along with her team’s members, Mr. Mike Rodgers, Advisory Board Director and Mr. Zaki Kopti, MENA Region Liaison.

The seminar began with a brief introduction about their entity and the types of services and consultancies they offer to their partners. Moreover, Dr. Dellinger explained the vision of GPE and their work methods as well as their values.

 Also, Dr. Dellinger showcased GPE experience and operation across the world, for instance, Georgia, Ethiopia, Jordan and many other countries around the world offering their contemporary views and approaches towards the education process in general.

At the end of the seminar, a healthy discussion was made between CUE academics, who raised their various questions and comments regarding educational matters and life philosophy in a very fruitful and friendly atmosphere.