Hadyab Society for Competencies hold environmental workshop at CUE

On May 20, the Hadiab Society for Competencies held a workshop at CUE, attended by a group of professors specialized in various fields of environment.

Following the welcoming speech by Dr. Samir Khourani, member of the administrative board of the Hadiab Society for Competencies, Dr. Habib Hanna Mansour delivered an introductory speech.

The actual workshop started with two sessions conducted by Dr. Samir Khourani. The first session included three lectures by Dr. Dulshad Aziz Darwish, Dr. Nawal Hormoz Sabo and Assistant Professor Janan Jabbar Touma.

Prof. Darwish’s lecture was titled “Soil Pollution” and looked at the soil, its types and components and sources of soil pollution as well as the impact of crude oil residues on the biological characteristics of the soil, the effect of solid waste on some physical properties and decomposition of bio-pollutants.

Dr. Sabo’s lecture touched on the concept of food pollution, food poisoning. He also talked about microbial food contaminants, which include bacterial contamination of fungal toxins for the phonics, viruses and yeast, Chemical food contaminants such as fertilizers, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, colors, flavorings, solvents and sweeteners added to food, as well as pollution resulting from food preservation in plastic containers. The lecture concluded by looking at healthy ways to save food and prevent it from pollution.

Assistant Professor Touma concluded the proceedings of the morning session with a lecture titled “Water and Environment”. The lecture concluded by mentioning a number of applied solutions for water conservation, rationalization of consumption and protection from pollution. These lectures were followed by interventions and questions from the attendees, which were answered by the lecturers.

After a short tea break, the proceedings of the second session began with another series of three lectures by Assistant Professor Dr. Mansour, Prof. Dr. Zuhair Ibrahim Fattouhi and Assistant Professor Dr. Ramzi Refael Ibrahim.

In a lecture entitled “Depleted Uranium: its military uses and its environmental effects” Dr. Mansour dealt with the definition of depleted uranium, its analogues and types, and its industrial as well as military uses, especially in times of war. He further looked at the 1st and 2nd Gulf Wars. The lecturer described the congenital malformations suffered by Iraqi children due to the use of this radioactive substance. He concluded the lecture with a number of solutions and treatments as well as some recommendations.

The second lecture was given by Professor Fattouhi and was titled “The Impact of Climate Change on Biodiversity”. The lecturer focused on the erosion of the ozone layer, which leads to the leakage of ultraviolet radiation from the sun and reaches the surface of the Earth. Professor Fattouhi pointed out that a person may suffer from many diseases due to increased leakage of ultraviolet radiation such as skin cancer, infectious diseases and eye diseases.

The workshop concluded with the lecture entitled “Noise Pollution: its types, its effects and methods of prevention”.