Hadyab Society for Competencies visits CUE



On November 21st, 2020, a delegation from Hadyab Society for Competencies paid a visit to Catholic University in Erbil where they were warmly welcomed by the new President and Vice-Chancellor of Catholic University in Erbil, Dr. Riadh Francis.

The delegation was headed by Dr.Habeeb Hanna, President of the Hadyab Society for Competencies and a number of the members of the administration board, Dr.Raghad Zuhair, Dr.Namir Al-Tawil, Mrs.Nagham Nathim and Dr.Nabeel George.

The purpose of the visit was to congratulate the new President and Vice-chancellor of CUE for his new post and wished him every success in running the university.

During the meeting, a discussion took place about several academic issues including the university’s future expansion plans and important potentials for collaboration between the two sides. The collaboration aims at mutual interest of both the community and the university.