Head of EU Liaison Office, Erbil speaks to CUE students

Clarisse Pásztory, Head of EU Liaison Office, Erbil which is part of the Delegation of the European Union to Iraq visited Catholic University in Erbil today and spoke with our students about the role of security, education and vibrant civil society as well as strong institutions in inclusive state development.

Ms Pásztory said that education is key for human development and called on the CUE students to share well formed ideas to build a successful society.

“We talk to many university students in Kurdistan to encourage them to invest time and effort to generate well founded ideas for rebuilding your society. In this way the European Union will be in a much better position to assist you in achieving your goals as it is imperative that the initiatives must come first from you.”

Head of EU Liaison Office, Erbil also encouraged students to ask themselves, “What am I personally doing for the development of my community? Whom are we addressing in local government? How do I build a strong local network to organize an inclusive and prosperous society?”

Delegation of the European Union to Iraq is the permanent and principal interlocutor of the EU vis-à-vis domestic authorities, the international community and all other stakeholders for all EU relations with Iraq.

The Delegation represents the European Union in Iraq and, as a diplomatic mission, works closely with the Member State Embassies that are represented in Baghdad as well as their Missions in Erbil, Kurdistan Region.