Head of IT and CS Department at CUE Joins MSc Discussion Board

On April 29, 2024, Assist Prof. Dr. Firas Almukhtar, Head of IT and CS department at CUE, had participated as a member of the discussion committee to discuss the MSc. thesis prepared by the student, Barham Arif Rashid, titled “Student Performance Prediction” . The discussion was conducted at the TCI-Technical College of Informatics, Sulaimani.
The discussion committee consisted of, Dr. Shahab Wahab Karim (Assistant Professor , Erbil Technical College of Engineering, Erbil, Head of the committee), Dr. Firas Husham Mohammad Amin (Assistant Professor, Catholic University in Erbil, Member), Dr. Haval Mohammed Siddiqi (Assistant Professor, Technical college of Informatics , Sulaimani, Member)
After several hours of discussion with the researcher on the conducted study, and the researcher’s defense, MSc. Degree was finally approved for the student.