IFCU Webinar on “Catholic Identity in a University IN Japan”

On Wednesday, 15th September, the president of CUE Assist. Prof. Dr. Riadh Francis took part in the webinar organized by the International Federation of Catholic University (IFCU), titled “Catholic Identity in a University in Japan”. The webinar was presented by the President of Nanzan University in Japan, Fr. Dr. Robert Kisala. There were some quite interesting contributions and discussions with valuable information about the current challenges facing Catholic universities. The president of CUE gave a brief presentation about CUE and its mission of coexistence of various faiths and ethnicities in Iraqi society, including Christians, Yezidis, Muslims and other faiths’ students to study at CUE in an atmosphere of love and mutual respect. The webinar was attended by a significant number of speakers from Catholic universities around the world. IFCU, which brings together over 250 universities around the world in significant various levels of religious sensitivities, organizes various activities, including interviews and webinars, where senior Catholic figures share their experiences and views as leaders of Catholic universities.