IVY Organization Workshop

On Sunday, 4th of October 2018, IVY Organization prepared a one-day workshop in cooperation with CUE, entitled: “Effective Time Management”.

IVY is a Japanese nonprofit organization, that was established in December 1991. 

IVY provided assistance of education for Siryan children and IDPs of Iraq who have escaped to Kurdistan region and winterization has been ongoing.

The workshop was presented by the talented UDI Coach Mr.Ayman.

In generally he focused on:

  • what is Time Management? 
  • How to analyze currently spend time and pinpoint opportunity for improvement?
  • How to identify tasks that are the most critical to achieving long term-goals.
  • How to plan time efficiently using schedule tools.
  • How to control time-waster.
  • How to put schedule into action, evaluate it along the way, and modify it as needed.

And also, practical exercises were undertaken, for instance, some Block Clip Art.

The attendees of the workshop were from different Organization and the workshop ended by given certificate of appreciation to the attendees.