Life Goals & Facing Pressure Workshop

On May 3, 2019, Catholic University in Erbil hosted Mrs. Ruaa Ahmad, coach in psychological and educational sciences for an open lecture on the topic of “Life Goals and Facing Pressures.”
The session covered all the following areas:

  • How to formulate a vision in life.
  • How to design long, medium- and short-term goals to achieve this vision.
  • How to distinguish between vision and goal, understanding the pressure from a new perspective.
  • How to develop students’ skills to control their personal emotions.
  • How to develop the skills of converting negative pressure into positive energy.

Additionally, Mrs. Roaa, demonstrated that changing the way you set your goals and how to achieve them is a master skill of success.

Furthermore, during the session Mrs. Roaa, asked the participants to grab a piece of paper and write down their goals in life and why, how, when they want to achieve them.

At the end of the workshop, we thanked the talented coach for spiriting positive energy among the participants and encouraged them to change their lifestyle in order to achieve goals.