Methods of preservation and restoration of historic buildings in Iraq

On Wednesday, 24th of November, 2021, Quality Assurance at the Catholic University in Erbil organized a seminar entitled “Methods of preservation and restoration of historic buildings in Iraq,” conducted by Mr. Petros Khammo, & Mr. Zaid Khammo, Architecture Department.

Mr. Zaid Khammo described the architectural history of Iraq as a book made out of thousands of pages, each representing an era or a historical event, all together referring to the progress of history that Iraq had passed through to this day. Neglecting a building or demolishing another is like ripping off a page from a book that ends up ambiguous, meaningless with ripped-off history. Therefore, many fields are responsible for preserving the nation’s heritage, such as literature, science, and arts. As a vigorous combination of arts and science, architecture signifies a vigorous example of a memory reservoir. Those could play a big role in preserving the architectural heritage that the country is wealthy of.

In the end, Quality Assurance awarded certificates of appreciation to Mr. Petros Khammo and Mr. Zaid Khammo for their efforts and valuable presented research and information they passed to the CUE faculty.