Online Inter religious prayer meetings

This dense and hustle bustling world has a lot of need for the conducting of spiritual and theological concepts and programs apart from serving and fulfilling human wants.

Having deep concern and most respect towards the devotional aspects, with a view of gathering the society on a religious discipline, the educational institutions namely CUE, Postdam University, Tishik University, Salahaddin University, and House of Berlin took the responsibility of enhancing religious diversity.

These groups of institutions, after a series of inter-religious meetings had a little break due to the covid-19 pandemic, on a new note it was recognized that the use of the internet would really be a great facility for these kind of sacred meetings as well and prayers of various defied representatives from these institutions have been made.

The institutions took the opportunity of using the online platform for a kind of Inter-religious activity through online application “Zoom”.


Jewish prayer of Esther Hirsch (House of One Berlin)

Yezidi prayer of Chedir Dumeli (Dohuk University)

Islamic prayer of Ardawan Mustafa Mzuri (Salahaddin University-Erbil)

Christian prayer of Rawsan Hedo (@Catholic University in Erbil – CUE)

Islamic prayer of Mohammed Abdulghani Taha (Tishk International University)

Christian prayer of Debra Habeeb (Tishk International University)

Islamic prayer of Kadir Sanci (University of Potsdam)

Christian prayer of Johann Hafner (Universität Potsdam)