Pergammon Museum

This day was fascinating for those who are interested in the history of Mesopotamia. At the early morning, the Iraqi delegation, led by Dr. Stephan and Mr. Issa, were directed to Berlin, to pay a visit to one of the famous Museums in Germany and the world, the Bergammon Museum. This Museum is known for preserving the original copy of the Babylon Gate and some Assyrian artifacts from the old city of Namrud, in addition to some Roman, Levant and Islamic statues and artifacts. The group was welcomed by Dr. Lutz Martin, the general director of the Musuem. Dr. Lutz guided the delegation in the museum and gave an explanation about every section of the museum along with highlighting the difficulties faced by the excavation teams during their work in Iraq. See appendix #10. After that, Mr. Issa invited the delegation to have an ice-cream in a famous place in Berlin.

Appendix #10: group pictures in the Pergamon Museum for the Iraqi delegation that visited the museum