Ramadan Iftar at CUE 2021

On May 8, 2021, The Catholic University in Erbil organized an Iftar/Supper for all CUE staff and students of all religions/faiths of our community. CUE is proud to share its respectable Muslim students their Ramadan’s Iftar ( ending fast), reflecting its wonderful atmosphere of coexistence of all faiths amongst its valued students.

In the beginning, the president and Vice-chancellor, Assist.Prof.Dr.Riadh Francis, gave a brief speech and warmly welcomed all the students and staff of CUE and praised highly their significant attendance and taking part in this event wishing all our fasting muslim students a happy and blessed Ramadan ( Ramadan Mubarak).

The evening provided lots of fun and sharing activities including, traditional Kurdish, Arabic, and Assyrian music, dancing, singing, and competitions.

Furthermore, the final Soccer/football match took place after Iftar between two teams, (Shangal) and (Dashtah Nanaweh).

At the end of the competition, the finalists the team of Shangal were presented with awards and prizes and the CUE’s President wished all staff and students a happy Ramadan.

Staff and Students had a pleasant and it was a refreshing event for everyone.