Rentier States Seminar

On Wednesday, Jan 13th, a seminar entitled “Rentier States; Iraq as a Rentier State” was presented by Mr. Muhammad Ebrahimi and Mr. Adad Zaya.

The seminar was attended by CUE’s president along with the university’s academic staff.

In their presentation, the presenters defined the rentier state concept and took Iraq as a case study in their analysis. As it was defined in the lecture, rentier state refers to those states whose revenues depend on external rents to a large extent.

Consequently, the characteristics of the rentier economy apply to most Arabic petroleum exporting countries, namely the Iraqi economy, which their economy seems extremely dependant on oil. Such countries will always have a delicate economy, which might be affected even during a simple economic crisis.

Finally, the seminar was followed by a discussion part in which Mr. Muhammad and Mr. Adad answered participants’ questions.