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In Search of Right Global Leadership CompetencesProf. Dr. Satya SubrahmanyamPublished in European Journal of


Molecular & Clinical Medicine ISSN 2515-8260 Volume 07, Issue 08, 2020





Human Resources Practices as a Strategic Tool for Competitive AdvantageProf. Dr. Satya Subrahmanyam Sara Azad Fouad 


Published in Solid State Technology Vol. 63, Issue, 5 ,2020

312/1/2021Research (Scopus)Performance Evaluation of Mutual Funds Before and During the outbreak of Covid-19 Pandemic in India (A case study of selected companies)Mr. Manoj Sangisetti, Mr.Avinash BonduPublished in European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, Dec. 2020
431/1/2021Research (Scopus)Using the Training Intervention of Human Resources for Advancement in Learning OrganizationsProf. Dr. Satya Subrahmanyam, ZhallaFarwq HamadaminPublished in Solid State Technology (JSST), ISSN: 0038-111X, Volume-


63 | Issue-6, January 2021, 19731-

19741, Scopus)

53/3/2020Research ScopusA Novel Intelligent System for Brain Tumor Diagnosis Based on a Composite Neutrosophic-Slantlet Transform Domain for Statistical Texture Feature ExtractionShakhwan H. wady, Dr. Raghad Z. Yousif,


Dr. Harith R. Hasan

Published in Hindawi


Bio Research International Vol. 2020,

article ID 8125392, 21 pp 020/8125392

619/12/2020ResearchThe morphology of adjectives in the Neo-Aramaic dialects of AqraDr. Aziz E. Al-ZebariScopus W.D.S. (ESCI)
7Nov. 2020ResearchCompression performance for corroded reinforced columns.Mushtaq Sadiq Radhi,


Maan S. Hassan,

Iqbal N. Gorgis

Published in Eng. & Tech. J. Vol. 38, Part


A (2020), No. 11, Pages 1618-1628.

P-ISSN 1681-6900

E-ISSN 2412-0758 article/view/1545/1088

8Mar. 2021Research ArticleThe Psychodynamics of Apprehension in the Corporate World – A Hermeneutic Review of LiteratureProf. Dr. Satya Subrahmanyam