Scientific Visit to the KRG-DIT

On February 23, 2022, the IT and CS department at CUE conducted a scientific visit to the KRG Department of Information Technology (DIT). The visit was headed by the IT and CS head of department Dr. Firas Al-Mukhtar, along with Mr. Ari Guran and Ms. Maryam Savaya.

CUE staff and students were welcomed warmly by Dr. Nawzad Al-Saihi, Director of outreach, and Mr. Dana Balisani, Director of the PR department.

During the visit, students were satisfied with the cutting-edge technology used in the department toward the digitizing process of the KRG. Further, students were taken to different sections of the department to see current ongoing projects and gather technical ideas. Moreover, the KRG-DIT team shared their knowledge and experience with students to empower and help building their skills toward a better future.

Finally, the CUE team has thanked the KRG-DIT team for giving them such an opportunity to visit them and experience new technologies.