Seminar: “Buildings and Earthquakes”

On April 2, 2023, Dr. Maher B. AlSamaani conducted a seminar titled “Buildings and Earthquakes”. Throughout the seminar, Dr. Maher explained that: “Geological theories of the formation of earth and its geological layers from the core to the crust were discussed. The relation between the movement of the tectonic plates and earthquakes was illustrated. The additional loads that are imposed on buildings due to earthquakes were explained. Reasons of failure of buildings at earthquakes were illustrated. Many engineering solutions and recommendations to reduce the influence of the earthquake on buildings were discussed. Some high-rise buildings (sky-scrapers) in the world that were implemented with special design and special technology to reduce the effect of seismic effect on their performance were viewed and discussed.” Moreover, at the end of the seminar, attending academics were able to ask questions to further inquire about the topic.