Seminar: “Language Documentation” 

A seminar on “Language Documentation” was delivered by Dr. Aziz Emmanuel Al – Zebari at the CUE premises on April 15, 2023.  In his presentation, Dr. Al- Zebari discussed the principles and practice of language documentation, a newly emerging field in Linguistics called Documentary Linguistics which emerged some three decades ago in response to the crisis facing the world’s endangered languages. 

Dr. Aziz highlighted the importance of documenting endangered languages and dialects with an aim to create, annotate, preserve, and disseminate transparent records of such languages for use by language revitalization programmes for the future generations of the speakers of the language. 

In his conclusion, Dr. Al- Zebari called upon the audience and the CUE to provide more support for language documentation and suggested the teaching of the newly emerging field to students in the English Department at the CUE. At the end of the seminar, Dr. Aziz was awarded with a certificate of appreciation for his efforts.