Seminar on Religious Diversity in Northern Iraq & Germany (day 2)

This was the second day of the Seminar. The presentations were less in number compared to the previous day. Mostly, the presenters were from the German side, and few were from the Iraqi/Kurdish delegation. At first, a presentation on the topic “Religious educational systems: public and private schools, madrasas” was conducted by three German students, and two Shari’a (SUE students) students. The central point of discussion was about the educational systems and the concern about the religious teaching within the educational system. As the German students explained, in Germany catechism is mandatory for the Christians in schools. Non-Christians are excluded but are required to attend courses on human issues instead of Christianity. While in Iraq, Mohammad Abdulghani; a SUE student, spoke about the methodology used in teaching by the Shari’a schools in Iraq.

Appendix #12: Mr. Muhamma Abdulghani immitaing the sitting manner in the Shari’a schools, joining him Pfro. Dr. Hafnar

At the end of the seminar, the students were distributed into groups to carry out a testimonial on two different topics; how do I express my religiosity? Highlighted also were the religious sources consulted, texts read, people consulted and the media used fro more information. This time there was no conclusions presented to the staff.
After that there was an optional invitation to attend a Service at a Protestant Church. During the mass Mr. Rawsan, the coordinator of the CUE group, introduced the delegation to the church attendants. Then three of CUE students, Maryam Al- Saoor, Maryam Benyamen and Adad Alan, recited some blessings and prayers in Syriac language.

Appendix #13: side of the activities of the religious diversity’s seminar