Smart-Board Tools

On Sunday, Oct 24, 2021, the ICT Department at the Catholic University in Erbil organized a workshop titled “Smart Board Tools”.

The workshop was conducted by Mr. Fanar Rofoo, (ICT Manager, lecturer) and Mr. Rebaz Maaroof, (ICT Officer, lecturer) also Mr. Mohanad Laith (ICT Assistant), which was attended by the Vice-President of Academic Affairs, Asst. Prof. Dr. Iqbal Gorgis and CUE’s academic staff.

During the workshop, Mr. Fanar Rofoo along with Mr. Rebaz Maaroof and Mr. Mohanad demonstrated how smart boards operate in detail, also explaining all the functions that CUE Academic staff could use for their subject courses to improve and ease the learning process for students and lecturers.

By the end of the workshop, CUE’s academic staff learned and developed, also updated their skills in using the SmartBoard, the presenters answered all the inquiries by the attendees, in addition, all the possible difficulties that may face the academics were cleared. At the end of the workshop, Dr. Iqbal Gorgis presented certificates of appreciation to the ICT Department for their outstanding work.