Spring Semester Final Examinations

The academic year 2021-22

The President of CUE, Assist. Prof. Dr. Riadh Francis visited the exam halls to oversee all exam halls’ exam processes. The spring semester tests begin on May 28th, 2022. The final examinations are scheduled on alternate days, with the second, third, and fourth years serving as the first group and the first year serving as the second group. The examination procedure comprises seven departments, and it concludes on June 11, 2022, when the first attempt examinations are completed. The second attempt of the Spring Semester final examinations will begin on June 18th, 2022, following the conclusion of the evaluation of answer books and the announcement of the first attempt results.

Dr. Riadh praised the efforts  of all invigilators and members of CUE’s Examination Committee for their hard work.