Student-Chancellor meeting was held in the CUE

On 17th February 2021 Student-Chancellor meeting was held in the CUE with a view to surge the improvement of instructional quality and student achievement. Since students should be the ultimate beneficiaries of any educational institution, it is always deemed that the welfare of the students is the first-ever priority of Catholic University in Erbil.

Honorable president of the university Dr. Riyadh Francis called for an orientation session among the students and the president himself with the student affairs department of the CUE. The students have been encouraged for direct interaction with the president and the student affairs team in order to understand their requirements, desires about their academic development.

The president of CUE initiated the meeting with his warm and thought-provoking speech. The session continued with various views shared by the students and all of them were taken into consideration. The top management assured the fulfillment of all the required academic aspects. The conference became constructive as all the students feel happy with the outcomes of the discussion and got ensured that they all reach a higher bar.