The Development of the Pronominal Suffixes in the Neo – Aramaic Dialects of Aqra

On November 28, 2022, Dr. Aziz Emmanuel made a presentation on “the development of pronominal suffixes in the dialects of the Neo Aramaic dialects spoken in the region of Aqra (KR) in northern Iraq”.

During the seminar, Dr. Aziz emphasized that the dialects of Aqra can be classified broadly into those of the villages lying to the north of the Aqra mountain and those of the inhabitants of the region to the south of the mountain.

Additionally, Dr. Aziz highlighted a wide range of pronominal suffixes in the various dialects of this region that exhibit a diversity not found in other Neo Aramaic dialects spoken in Iraq, Syria, Turkey (Tur Abdin) and Iran (Urmia and Sanandaj). Some of the variations give insight into the historical layering of the reflexes. At the end of the seminar, Dr. Aziz was awarded with a certificate of presentation by the QA department.