‘The Game’ play, performance by CUE student.

On Tuesday, 17th May 2022, the first enactment of a drama performance in CUE took place in Auditorium B1.  For the university, this marked another stage of mature development of the English department and its students.  Along with the President, there was a full house of staff and students in attendance who enthusiastically supported the dramatic endeavours of the students on stage. 

The play chosen was the morality play ‘The Game’ by Louise Bryant.  This had been worked on and practised by five third stage English Language students under the artistic direction of Dr Olga Babenko. Lecturer in Literature and the able production direction of Mr Rawsan Jalel, Co-ordinator of the English Department.

The play was introduced by the narrator (Batonia Orahin) who from time to time gave an introduction to the next phase of the play and did so with great humour and finesse.  The play was focused on the travails of love of a young woman (Khalidah Ibrahim) who was torn between life (Subhi Yousif) and death (Basma Alali).  Life and death competed to claim the young woman until she found her true love (Aysar Ali).  The struggle between life and death; highs and lows; elation and depression were wonderfully represented in this forty-five-minute drama.  The President, Dr Riadh, and the Vice-Chancellor, Fr. Danka, in the end, expressed their gratitude and appreciation to all participants.