The Role of Catholic University in Erbil in the Society

On Friday February 1st ,2019, Catholic University in Erbil held it’s second workshop entitled: “The Role of Catholic University in Erbil in the Society” which was presented by the Chancellor and President of Catholic University in Erbil.

The main aim of the workshop was to invite members of civil society organizations to participate and contribute in the activities, training courses, seminars and workshops of Life-Long Learning Center LLLC which was launched in the same day of the workshop.

Life-long Learning Center (LLLC)
The main purpose of the Life-Long Learning Center (LLLC) is to meet the needs of the institutes in the public and private sectors, different community organization and individuals with new knowledge and skills throughout organizing courses, programs, seminars and workshop which focus on the following aspects:

observe and follow up on the development, Scientific directions and modern technology and then, transfer them to the laws of community concerned.

The opening of the Catholic University to society in general through the work of putting all the capacity, scientific and cultural possibilities provided by the departments of the university to improve the knowledge and culture of citizens and promote their intellectual, scientific and cultural.

The Center’s main activities include:

  • English Language Program
  • Creative Writing Program
  • Personal Development and Psychology Program
  • Information Technology Program
  • People Management Program
  • Business Development Program
  • The second part of workshop was open discussion. Valuable comments were made by some of the participants.
  • At the end of the workshop some of the participants wrote down some memorable notes in the CUE guest book.