Visit to Cistercian Monastery Chorin

After having breakfast in the hotel, as usual, the group gathered in front of the hotel to get ready for a trip to the ancient Monastery of Chorin in Brandenburg. At 9:15, the group picked up a train and headed to Chorin guided by Dr. Dirk; another organizer of the project. The train arrived in the village of Chorin, in Brandenburg. Then, the group walked through the village on their way to the monastery. The team passed through the lovely countryside with its beautiful lakes on their way to the monastery located near the village.

Appendix #3: Chorin abbey location and building

Chorin Abbey is a Cistercian monastery founded in 13th century and built in a Gothic architectural style. During the Reformation Era in the 15th century, the Abbey was destroyed and rebuilt after several years maintaining its original architectural style. building, in bricks.

Appendix #4: side of the visit to the Chorin Monestry