Welcoming Ceremony

On Sunday, 17th October, the CUE Presidency organized a welcome reception for all faculty members & admin staff who were newly appointed to work for CUE for this academic year 2021-2022. The president of CUE, Assist. Prof. Dr. Riadh Francis chaired this reception event and gave a brief account of the profiles of the new appointees, stating their qualifications experience and nationalities. (India, Ireland, Ukraine, Germany & Iraq).

The president expressed his deepest delight for this wonderful group of new CUE employees and welcomed them on CUE’s board of work. He, in conclusion, wished them every success in their new career & the event was concluded by inviting all attendees for refreshments. The new appointees are as follows:

No.                            Name      Dept./ Section
1-   Assist. Prof.  Dr. Maher AlsamaaniArchitecture Dept.
2-   Dr. Olga BabenkoEnglish Dept.
3-   Mrs. Alhan FarisArchitecture Dept.
4-   Mr. Gerard SlatteryEnglish Dept.
5-   Mrs. Anahid MuradianHR Section
6-   Mr. PankajAccounting Dept.
7-   Norbert HaeberlinPsychology section
8-   Mohamad Alaa NissaniMontage
9-   Rafi EliasFinance Assistant
10-   Fadi OdishAdmin Assistant
11-  Mohanad FransoIT Assistant