Welcoming Freshmen Students for The Academic Year 18/19

The students affairs office prepared by Dr.Manhal and Ms.Rana arranged a one hour session for freshmen students at CUE Campus.
The session was held at 2:00pm on November 26,2018.
The session started with the welcome speech by Dr. Sabah Al Malah, Chancellor and President of CUE. In his speech, welcomed the new students for the academic year 2018/2019 and informed them about future plan and activities for the upcoming years.
In addition, the head of the student affairs department talked about the mission of the CUE regulation and student discipline including:

  • Students responsibilities and their rights
  • Important dates in the academic year
  • Attendance and the percentage of absence
  • The right for students to appeal
  • Student’s union and student’s representative

At the end there were an open discussion and students were given time for questions.