Why Politics

On Monday,22nd November 2021, Quality assurance at the Catholic University in Erbil organized a seminar entitled “Why Politics,” presented by Mr. Muhammad Sharif Ebrahimi, International Relations Department.
Throughout the seminar, Mr. Muhammad explained that politics is a quintessentially human activity – the “master science” of the sphere within which all other human activities must occur. This essential human activity plays a significant role in deciding what, how, and how much to produce and distribute in society.  He further added that two critical issues highlight the importance of politics in our daily lives. These issues include self-interest and public interests, which individual happiness is dependent on them.
He concluded that every decision made by individuals and any actions taken to secure their interests have direct implications for our daily lives. Hence, our conscience involvement in politics would shape our individual and public interests.
In the end, Quality assurance awarded a certificate of appreciation to Mr. Muhammad for his efforts and the valuable information that he passed to the CUE faculty.