Workshop on “Financial Standards in Iraq” by Mr. Ayad Mirza & Issa Al Masri from Deloitte

The workshop on ‘Financial Standards in Iraq’, held on 12th of November 2019 in the Auditorium hall, was a 2 hour session which gave the students of Accounting Department, Catholic University In Erbil (CUE) on a whole an insight into the “Financial Standards followed by Corporations in Iraq.

The workshop began with the motivational words from Mr. Shahnawaz Ali, Head of the Accounting Department who then officially commemorated the event.

The foundation of the workshop was established by the esteemed speaker of the day, Mr. Issa Al-Masri, CPA, Principal at Deloitte Iraq, and Mr. Ayad Mirza, CPA, Country Partner at Deloitte Iraq.

Mr. Ayad Mirza briefed about the Big Fours, and the role of Deloitte in the Auditing World, followed by Mr. Issa Al-Masri who shared his personal experiences and learnings that the students of Accounting from CUE could gladly relate to. To all the inquisitive queries from the side of the students, Mr. Issa Al-Masri and Mr. Ayad Mirza presented intriguing answers.

The outcome of this workshop could be judged from the pleased faces in the hall.