Announcement – Request for Tender

Catholic University in Erbil (CUE)


Tender Return Date:              20/11/2017

Return Tender to:                  [email protected]

0750 601 33 33


All Queries regarding this tender should be directed to the contact details above.

  1. Purpose and aim of the website
    • Core communication tool, providing information and services for our students and staff
    • Core marketing and promotional tool nationally and internationally.
    • Attracting and recruiting people to study at CUE
    • Provide news and information about University’s activities, in text, photos, and videos
  1. About the University

The Catholic University in Erbil (CUE) is a non-profit institution of higher education and research providing recognized degrees in the arts and sciences. CUE offers a unique educational experience that prepares the next generation of citizens to lead and make a difference in our region and the world.


  1. Requirements
  • Redesign, develop and maintain the current website (
  • Include an advanced online student application form linked to a database to store and retrieve submitted data with a friendly graphical user interface with options in English, Kurdish and Arabic languages.
  • Provide maintenance and support 24/7 (not including posting new content, e.g. news, as the university will take care of this).
  • Hosting including features such as dedicated IP address and SSL.
  1. Graphic Design
  • The site must comply with existing identity/branding and colour schemes where possible.
  1. Copyright Issues
    • All work and assets including the content and imagery is in the sole ownership of the Catholic University in Erbil.
    • The system must be on an open source system.
  2. Hosting and Domain Requirements
    • Details of hosting and renewals
    • Location of hosting servers and company providing the service.
  1. Time Frame
    • Decision of awarding tender will be announced to the winning company on the 23/11/2017.
    • We envisage a period of 3 to 5 weeks from signing of project agreement to completion.
  2. Submission Information
    • Name of company, contact person, phone number, email.
    • Place of business and postal address.
    • Provide details of each person who will work on this project – name, role, qualification and relevant experience.