Collage ofEngineeringand Technology

Engineers are busy, just not sitting back. Engineering students are like no other, with an abundance of innovation, creativity, knowledge and expertise, and this can affect the planet.

College of Engineering and Technology

The world is evolving and such changes are being supported by engineers. Many of the facilities, services and goods of today require innovative design, at least part of engineering, opening the way for people impacted to lead better, happier and safer lives.

Engineers are significant, but they must be creative; they are vibrant yet knowledgeable and able to meet a growing environment.

The College’s core expertise is the assimilation of disciplines to produce multi-talented and thorough graduates. With its cross disciplinary research in the fields of Architecture Engineering, Civil Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Information Security and Computer Science, the College focuses on innovation to support society. The laboratories and projects facilitate the students to transform as cutting-edge groups.

Strives to be an excellent techno-savvy organization in the field of technical education, research, innovation and entrepreneurial mindset to fulfill the rising technological and socio-economic needs of the Kurdistan Region and the World at large and transforming students into techno leaders of the highest standard imbibing traditional cultural values.

The college offers students with quality educational experience and support resources that allow them to complete their studies, transition, qualification, career training and basic skills successfully. The College fosters academic and career success in a healthy, open and sustainable learning atmosphere by fostering critical thinking, constructive communication, creativity and cultural awareness. To serve the needs of our demographically diverse student population by tangible learning results, ethical choices and student success, dedicated to the concept of fairness and responsibility.

  • To include student-centered services to ensure that graduates are trained in professional knowledge, best methods, project management, collaboration organisational and leadership abilities, lifelong learning, social conscience and ethical accountability. Wide accreditation and state-of-the-art laboratories guarantee excellent learning environment in the program.
  • Carry out applied research and establish multi-stakeholder partnerships to identify solutions to industrial problems and/or effecting improvements in pedagogy.
  • Providing a full fledged bachelors degree that promotes expertise in career growth and scientific temper.


Catholic University department of Computer-Sciences in Erbil

Department of Computer Sciences

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Department of Information Technology

The B.Sc IT program provides undergraduates with the board technical education necessary for productive employment in the public or private sector

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