Department of Law & International Relations

The skills graduate of law and international relations gain are transferable to many different roles beyond qualifying as a solicitor, lawyer, barrister or international relations officer.


Department of law and international relations dedicated to advancing human dignity, social welfare and justice through equipping its graduates with knowledge and rules of law and international relations.


To teach and educate students who will be leaders of the future to contribute to the advancement of justice and the well-being of society and enhance the international relations between Kurdistan-Iraq and the rest of the world.


Graduates of law and international department should be able:

  • To understand Kurdistan-Iraqi system and lawyer’s principal roles in that system.
  • To read, understand and use cases to construct legal arguments.
  • To read, understand and use statutes and other enacted rules to solve legal problems or construct legal arguments.
  • To understand the Principles of the rule of international relations and how they can be enhanced for mutual or bilateral interests.
  • To predict the probable judicial resolution of simulated legal disputes.
  • To conduct basic legal and international relations research.
  • To recognize excellent writing in and about law and international relations, and to learn techniques for improving one’s own writing.
  • To learn techniques for time-management, self-reflection and collaboration, which are necessary for successful academic study and professional practice.
  • To learn techniques of persuasive written advocacy.
  • To provide a suitable environment for the launch of creativity in various legal and international skills.
  • To contribute to the dissemination and development of legal culture in the university community and the protection of human rights.
  • Improve the work of legal and international relations professionalism and emphasis on the role of national competencies qualified for this role.
  • To overcome the obstacles that stand in their way and gives them the opportunity to achieve the highest quality of service delivery.

Job Description

The skills graduate of law and international relations gain are transferable to many different roles beyond qualifying as a solicitor, lawyer, barrister or international relations officer. As such recruiters in a range of industries, government and institutions and organizations are keen to attract law and international relations, graduates.

The followings are examples of job descriptions/titles for them:
Policy analyst for a government agency or public office, legislative aid officer, joining intelligence, security or diplomacy department, defence search analyst, international program specialist, international trade director, chartered/company secretary, civil service administrator, officer in the house of parliament, tax consultant, legal publisher, investment banker, insurance consultant, compliance officer, customs officer, legal clerk, local government administrator, police officer, probation officer, trading standards officer, advocator, marketing manager, journalist, risk analyst, political affairs officer.


Fist Year

1st SemesterCredits2nd SemesterCredits
An Introduction to IR4Key Concepts In politics3
An Introduction to Politics3History of International relations3
Ancient Political Thought3An Introduction to International Law3
Kurdology3Key Concepts in IR3
Computer Skills3An Introduction to Economics3
Academic Debate3General English3


Second Year

3Rd SemesterCredits4th SemesterCredits
European Union3Current Issue in IR (1 & 2)3
Medieval & Modern Political Thought4Contemporary Political Thought3
Political Ideologies3Political Economy3
Political Systems & Comparative politics3International Security3
An Introduction to Political Sociology3Political History of Middle East and Iraq3
Globalization3Political Psychology3


Third Year

5th SemesterCredits6Th SemesterCredits
Human Rights3International Organizations3
Terrorism and Violence3Public Administration3
International Crisis management3Research Methodology 24
Ethics in IR2Social Movements and IR3
Public Policy3Regional Organizations3
Research Methodology 14International Governance3


Fourth Year

7th SemesterCredits8th SemesterCredits
Diplomatic & Consular Relations4Foreign Policy of Great Powers3
Foreign Policy3Iraq and regional relations3
Diplomatic Protocol and Etiquette1Geopolitics3
Nationalism and IR3International Relations in the 21st Century, Challenges and opportunities3
Strategic Studies3Minority Studies3
Final Project4Final Project4